Tub Talk Tuesday: 4 Misconceptions Home Remodeling TV Gets Wrong

In this episode of #TubTalkTuesdays, Dakota discusses four inaccuracies about stone countertops that pop up on home remodeling shows like HGTV and DIY Network. Check out our Facebook and blog for more real, expert advice on countertops!

Homeowners often get their information from reality television shows that claim to display the ins and outs of home remodeling, but the expectations created by these series do more harm than good. When it comes to kitchen countertops, there are constant inaccuracies surrounding what type of countertop is best, what stone is affordable, and which is most valuable for a home remodel.

We listed four big misconceptions about the remodeling industry that are consistently perpetuated today:

1. Quartz is more expensive than granite

When it comes to choosing a stone for home remodeling, a homeowner needs to know there are always a range of options. While starting prices for stones may vary, no one stone will always be more expensive than the other.

Quartz and granite are no exception. Depending on color, brand, and the dimensions of the project, a quartz countertop can be the same price or even lower than that of a granite countertop. If you’re a homeowner looking for an affordable stone countertop, don’t let this myth sway your options.

2. Fantasy Brown and Super White are granite

Two colors becoming more and more popular on both home remodeling shows and real projects are Fantasy Brown and Super White. On television, non-experts tend to refer to them as granite, but this isn’t the truth.

Fantasy Brown is not granite, but a marble from Brazil. It will stain, scratch, and etch like a marble does. The confusion comes from the layers that Fantasy Brown is made of, as it contains both marble and quartzite. The Marble Institute of America advises to treat this stone as a marble, however.

Similarly, Super White is also most commonly considered as a dolomitic marble, meaning it contains some quartz and is slightly slower to etch than a regular marble. But while Super White isn’t as likely to etch than most marbles, it will still etch. When doing diagnostic tests, you’ll find that some places of Super White react closest to a quartzite. Depending on the slab, it can be treated as a quartzite or a marble.

The Marble Institute of America has labeled both these stone as potentially confusing, but clarifies how to best approach them in their technical bulletin.

3. Granite gives off dangerous amounts of radon

The suspicion that granite countertops emit radon stems from the fact that all homes contain some measure of radon. Radon is a naturally-occurring gas produced by the decay of radium, which is found widely in soils and rocks. Ordinarily, radon dissipates into the air at harmless levels, but when found at high concentrations in places like home basements, it can be attributed as a cause of lung cancer.

radon content of indoor air for home remodelingHowever, granite countertops do not emit dangerous amount of radon. Radon in the home, according to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, comes primarily from soil. Furthermore, studies conducted by the MIA have found that radon is not a health concern to quarry workers, who are exposed to much larger levels of granite and limited ventilation conditions than a homeowner.

The bottom line: Homeowner health is not any more endangered by granite countertops than in the naturally-occurring radon that is found in cement blocks, TV sets, smoke detectors, and food like bananas, Brazil nuts, and potatoes. Read more about granite radon misconceptions here.

4. Granite and Quartz Countertops come expensive

In a recent House Hunters episode shot in Massachusetts, a Santa Cecilia kitchen countertop was shown $700 higher in price than what it should’ve been. Because quartz and granite countertops are often shown with unrealistic numbers, homeowners are lead to believe these are stones outside their home remodeling budget. This is not the case!

Never assume the cost of your countertop because of something seen on television— get a quote to find out the truth. Divine Stoneworks will work tirelessly to get you the countertop you deserve.

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