The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get About Countertops

People who give you advice about your countertops almost certainly mean well, but that doesn’t always make them right. Too often, advice from people is really just their own personal opinion in disguise, and this can end up being more frustrating than it is helpful. Here are some of the worst pieces of advice you can possibly get. Learn them now so you have a defense against those who try to steer you one way or the other.

There’s a ‘Perfect’ Countertop

If someone tells you that granite is the best countertop choice available, you should immediately take everything else they say with a huge grain of salt. Granite countertops may be the best countertop for the person giving the advice, but you may have very different needs when it comes to your lifestyle and home decor. There are pros and cons to each type of material, which is why there are a variety of materials on the market. Granite countertops may be gorgeous and durable, but some homeowners would prefer not to reseal them multiple times. Click here to check out our stone comparison guide. 

Your Countertops Should Be Uniform

While you don’t want to confuse your kitchen with four different types of stone in a small space, you also don’t have to use the same material for each surface. Using soapstone by the stove and marble on the island can give the room more dimension and character. When it comes to matching up the two different types of material, just be careful with pairing different types of movement. For example, the veining of marble may clash with the veining of the granite.

Certain Materials Are Too Impractical

Again, this advice has far more to do with the person giving it than with you. Yes, it’s true that marble probably isn’t going to be the best choice if you have small children likely to spill on a daily basis, or a gourmet chef in the family who uses the stove and counters as a canvas for their next creation. However, all countertops are made to be used and not just viewed. Ask yourself if you love the look and feel of your favorite countertop enough to care for it. Don’t let anyone else tell you it’s not for you — they don’t have to live with it every day!

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