What You Should Know About Your Countertop

Countertops aren’t just a place for you to make your morning cereal or afternoon tea. They’re an important visual component of your home that owners can take for granted. At the risk of sounding a little sappy, it really does help if you understand your countertop so you can actually appreciate them as a vital part of your home life.

Countertop Choices Are Endless

Most people know there are a variety of materials to choose for their countertop. They may not be able to identify the veining patterns in different types of granite, but they’re aware there’s more to counters than just the standard laminate that was so popular a few decades ago. What they may not know is that countertop styles are practically limitless, and that manufacturers have gotten creative about meeting the needs of homeowners.

Let’s say you want marble, but you’ve heard it’s not a practical choice because it’s too prone to staining. Quartz is a synthetic material styled to look like marble, but it won’t induce nightmares where you forgot to clean up a tiny drop of red wine before you went to bed. This is just one example of many where homeowners can get the look they want without compromising their lifestyle.

Installation Is Important

Shoddy workmanship can result in truly cheap looking countertops — even when your material choice is anything but cheap. It’s easy to think that installers who work with such beautiful stone are automatically qualified to install your quartz or granite countertops, but there are a lot of so-called ‘companies’ claiming experience without the expertise to back it up. The wrong installer may fill in gaps with unsightly epoxy, chip the stone, or expose the seams for all the world to see.

Ultimately, these imperfections aren’t just inconveniences, they threaten the very stability of the countertops (and your kitchen.)

All homeowners can benefit from a second opinion when it comes to their countertops. Talk to an expert who can not just give you tips based on what you want, but who can also introduce new ideas that may just be perfect for you!

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