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If your kitchen is the heart of your home, the countertops are certainly what make it run. Whether you’re preparing a meal, gathering for a snack, rolling out cookies, or even helping the kids with their homework, your countertop is your primary work surface in the kitchen. With so many surface options today, stone has stood the test of time and remains the best material for the job, both for its durability and for its beauty. Hearty enough to withstand hot pans and water, a stone countertop could outlive the house around it and while different stones require a different level of maintenance, our professionals are well equipped to make sure you choose the right stone to fit your home and your lifestyle. Visit our showroom to explore our extensive selection of countertops and slabs and speak with design professionals who will be happy to help you navigate the decision-making process.

In addition to the classic kitchen counter staples, granite and quartz, there are so many ways to bring an element of elegance or fun into your kitchen. For a modern flair, consider pairing a durable quartz, for your more utilitarian kitchen surfaces, with a marble kitchen island, an essential tool for perfectly chilled pie dough and expertly tempered chocolate. For a more traditional look with a new world sensibility, soapstone, the original kitchen countertop, is not only making a strong resurgence in kitchen design, but is extremely durable, nonporous, and doesn’t react to acids or chemicals. Polished to a traditional matte finish, adding soapstone to any kitchen will quite literally bring a piece of history into your home. Whether you’re an expert cook or a late-night-snacker, your kitchen is a gathering place and a space where memories are made. With our expert design staff at your side, you can be confident that you’ll make the right decision for your life, for your family, and for the life of your home.

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