Tub and Shower Surrounds

Whether a shower wakes you up at the start of the day, getting you ready to face the world, or a bath relaxes away your worries when the day is done, easing you into a beautiful night’s sleep, we all know how much the right shower or tub can make or break how you experience your bathroom. We all have a memory of that one bathroom, that spa-like refuge that we aspire to and opting for a stone tub surround or shower surround is the first step toward creating your own personal piece of paradise, your own moment of luxury to experience any time you wish. What’s more, pairing the perfect stone surface with a tile or river rock accent opens up a world of design options that will not only accent your bathroom space, but elevate that space beyond what you could have imagined. Far beyond the builder’s grade fiberglass tub and shower we all know so well, adding a prominent stone accent to your bathroom is a dramatic step toward elegance and beauty that many yearn for, but few get to experience as their own.

Gone are the days when redesigning a bathroom meant having to settle for something standard. From striking colors and soft surfaces, to rich veining and sparkling crystalline flecks, the options for creating the bathroom of your dreams are endless. Our design experts will help you find the perfect stone to make you feel like you’re bathing in your very own penthouse suite, lavish palace, or exotic hideaway in your very own home. What’s more, adding stone to your home not only elevates your own experience, but increases the salability of your home. With the beauty and durability of stone, you’ll enjoy your new bathroom with peace of mind, knowing you’ve made the right decision both for your design aesthetic and for the value of your home.

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