Bathroom Vanity Tops

Your vanity top has a lot to live up to. From toothpaste to cosmetics and from acetone to soap and water, your vanity top is tasked with being both beautiful and highly functional. For any lifestyle, your bathroom vanity is likely the first sight you’ll see when you wake up and the last thing you’ll see before you go to bed. Selecting the perfect material for the job is, therefore, imperative, as noticeable stains and watermarks on this highly active surface can quickly get your day started off on the wrong foot. Particularly in a full bathroom, the simple act of taking a bath or a shower adds moisture to the air and, with all these things considered, your best option for this bathroom focal point is to find the perfect stone to fit your lifestyle. Our design professionals are well equipped to help you find a vanity top that will not only stand up to daily rituals, but will add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom.

A vanity top frames your bathroom design. When you consider the times spent brushing your teeth or washing your hands, of all of the surfaces in your bathroom, your vanity top is quite literally the one you spend the most time looking at. It is the perfect accent to the sink of your dreams, the one you painstakingly searched for, and with so many options to consider for color, edging, and finish, your vanity top is as utilitarian as it is a showpiece. Our design experts will help you to be as creative, and as practical, as you could possibly wish. Whether you’re partial to a fun modern look with clean, crisp edges, or you’re more interested in a classic, luxurious style, we will be happy to help you turn your bathroom into your own piece of paradise.

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