Why Use A Contractor for Your Home Remodeling Project? 

Homeowners aspire to accomplish remodeling feats that rival the large budgets and endless resources they see in magazines and on HGTV or DIY Network. And while professionals like Chip & Joanna Gaines make it look easy, the truth behind the camera is doing a home remodel on your own is a learning experience at best and a nightmare at worst.

Read on to learn why you should use a contractor for home remodel projects.

1) They’ll be your hero

The beginning of any remodel typically starts with a vision, but rarely are we able to predict what’ll go wrong. What most people don’t know starting out is that contractors tend to get involved in your home remodel, anyway— and for good reason.

So how do contractors save the day? Imagine with us:

You long for a new double vanity to replace your single pedestal cast-iron sink from the 50’s (although those are legitimately cool). So, you order a cabinet online, pick out a stone (at Divine Stoneworks, of course), then start the demolition. Unfortunately, the minute the sink is pulled out, it’s clear the plumbing needs to be a different size. In the process, you drop the old sink on your foot and proceed to go to the ER for x-rays. On the way back home, you hobble into a big-box store to pick up a new PVC but forget to buy the correct wrench. Injured and exhausted, you ask your spouse to pick it up on the way home from work, but they can’t seem to find it. By the time they do get home, you’re too ashamed to admit you broke something under your loose floorboard when you were using the hammer to try to dislodge some rust from a nut that wouldn’t give. Now the basement ceiling has a menacing wet stain, and you know you’re in real trouble (and not just from your significant other).

Enter: THE PLUMBER (aka SUPERHERO in coveralls). Since it’s after hours, there’s an extra charge to come out. They quickly access the damage, go out to their truck and start bringing in supplies while you hover and hope your simple DIY project hasn’t just snowballed into an avalanche. An hour or so later, he’s corrected the issue and you’re sitting down to cold pizza.

Bottom Line: In other words, a contractor will likely need to come save the day no matter how much knowledge and tools you have. Starting with someone who knows what to do, how to do it and has the tools they need to accomplish the goal in a timely fashion will ultimately save you time and money on your remodel.


2) You don’t know what you don’t know- but Contractors do

We all have blind spots, but someone taking on new projects by themselves often has to gain insight the hard way. It’s after starting a demo that people realize they’re in way over their heads.

Take a mold issue for example: it’s easy to go to Google to try to learn how to handle it— but each house (and variant of mold) is going to be different. Homes tend to need case-by-case care. When we assume everything we need to know can be found online, we could end up making the problem worse like, for example, accidentally releasing microbes into the A/C system.

Hiring a contractor who knows what to look for eliminates the guesswork and blind spots. Reputable professionals are not just out to make a buck; they want to help their clients. That’s why they give advice, price accordingly, and are passionate about their projects.


3) Contractors are Connected

Experienced contractors develop a network of partners they trust to help them in the areas they aren’t skilled. They know there are certain areas they have neither the tools nor the expertise to tackle, so they have names in their contacts list they can lean on to overcome what they don’t know.

When a homeowner runs into issues, they are at the mercy of whomever they find willing to take on their project, and they need that person quick! Most of us don’t have a contractor on speed dial.

Just think of the times when you tried to find a professional for a project. It took research and asking your neighbors and looking on Yelp reviews and then you had to find a time to have someone come out to give you estimates, get scheduled and then rescheduled because a certain part didn’t come in time.

Our advice? For permanent, quality projects, trust a contractor to help organize your project, find the right people for the job, and handle all unimaginable issues. They are the unsung heroes who save homes every day.


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